How stitch separate pictures into panoramas. Hugin.

Hugin is a program that creates panoramas from multiple picturea taken from the same location. It allows to join individual horizontal, vertical or mixed pictures into a matrix of pictures.  I believe it is the most significant software in its category for several reasons.

  • It's free and open source, with all the benefits that implies. If you're not familiar with the open source software, I encourage you to investigate.
  • Hugin has a friendly interface that allows both to process all the pictures automatically in 3 simple steps or to manually insert your preferences for complex cases. Generally it shouldn't take more than 15 seconds to input data (apart from processing time which depends on the computer).
  • Its point detection and image fading engines give very nice results.
  • It also allows different outputs, with an automatic or manual horizon line calculation, that makes it even more flexible and powerful. You can find an example of what can be achieved with very little dedication in the images below.
Original images, previous to the creation of the panorama with Hugin
Panorama created with Hugin with Linear Output  Panorama created with Hugin with Curved Output